April 10th, 2008

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You don't have to pay someone to carry that away...

One advantage of living in Hartford is that if you put large appliances and furniture outside at night, they will disappear by morning.  I didn't have to carry an old big TV to the junkyard a few years ago when it died, and I didn't have to worry about the recliner I put out last night that was no longer good.

I bought an ergonomic OFM reclining office chair by mail to replace it, and at first I thought I'd paid $300 for something that was totally not what I wanted, but its "problems" are turning out to be advantages.  It doesn't lean all the way back, and the leg rest doesn't elevate.  The result is a much better posture, though, and I'm using my abs to sit without getting tired doing it.  I didn't expect to get exercise while avoiding it.  The position also keeps me from falling asleep, unless I want to.  The height is taller than I wanted, but it turns out to be just right for my desk, which has a higher surface than was convenient.  In all, it's not real cushy comfortable, but it's comfortable enough, and better for me.
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