December 23rd, 2007

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Darth, Mall

Saturday I went with wally_wabbit and snowhusky01 to the Westfield Mall in Milford, CT for some final Christmas shopping.  We took the bus to avoid traffic and parking, fortunately, because the parking lot looked like a Zuma game.

When getting on the bus back, I commented to the others how somehow people always managed to choose where I am in a line to cut through or to separate me from the people I'm with, and the guy behind me exclaims "Like now!" and tries to get in front of me.  He was some stranger who looked just like a creepy grungy Ed Asner.  After an awkward moment of trying to follow through on his joke, he got the idea that he was not our friend and backed off.

After the mall, we picked up Wally's friend Tom and had dinner at a German restaurant and bar in Stratford called The Windmill.  I tried sauerbratten for the first time, but it's too sour for me, so it will be my last time.  I looked for the traditional pickle ornament that should have been in their Christmas tree, but they didn't have one.  The current owner, whose name really is Rudolph, hadn't heard of the tradition, so I guess he was a few generations away from the old country.  A friend of a friend of Snow Husky had shot the buck that was mounted in the restaurant.  Its head was in the dining area and decorated to look like Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and its rear end has a permanent spot over the bar where a sign says it dispenses mustard when you pull the tail.

After dinner, we went back to Tom's and watched YouTube videos until we went out for dessert.  Tom had found a series of videos where bootlegged movies such as "Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith" had been translated to some other language and then back to Engrish.  The interpreter(s) seemed to have learned English from LOL Cats, because in the scene where Vader learns of Padme's death, his "NOOOOOO!!!!" is translated to "DO NOT WANT".  Speaking of which...

Tom's labrador Toby was jumping all over everyone and we had a hard time trying to control him.  We used a compressed air can, and I tried pinning him down on the floor and holding him until he calmed down, but it wouldn't last.  We finally got results when we enlisted Tom's Dyson vacuum cleaner to stand guard.  That thing looks just like something from a Starship Troopers arsenal, including the nozzle that looks like a futuristic rifle, and it repels dogs as effectively as Bugs.  Toby wouldn't come anywhere near it, and we were left in peace.

For dessert, we went out to the Duchess Diner in Stratford, where I had my usual rice pudding.  There is nothing better than rice pudding from a diner, any diner.  While we ate, we enjoyed the conversation of a table of girls for whom eating was apparently a new experience.  They were surprised that they could get waffles and eggs and other foods in a diner.  They discovered the wonders of the "sunny-side up" egg.  One girl was very protective of her food and loudly said she didn't want anyone messing with it.  I think they might have been romancing some chemicals earlier.