September 29th, 2007

Oh nose!

Coyoty screws up.

I wouldn't be a coyote if I didn't occasionally. 

Due to a confusion on dates, I drove to Stamford's Cove Island Park to entertain participants of the Juvenile Diabetes walk scheduled there, and discovered it's supposed to be TOMORROW.  I'd only seen the date once, but there was no day of the week, and assumed it was a Saturday.  I was also supposed to bring wally_wabbit with me, but I couldn't find him and feared he met with an accident or foul play.  (Instead, it was only foul work.)  We will be there with the hi_4 costumed performers.  I should have double-checked the date and calendar.

The silver linings to my cloud are that I found kinks in the directions to the event that the other performers would need to know about, and I got to see a lot of southern Connecticut just as the leaves are turning, on a beautiful day for it.