April 19th, 2007

Mad Coyoty

Virginia Tech motive

It's apparent to me that the key to the Virginia Tech killer's motives is not what he said but how he said it in the video he sent to NBC.  First of all, he sent  video to NBC, so right there is a clue.  In the video, his demeanor was that of someone playing to the media coverage he expected to get, regardless of his message.  Others seeking media coverage claim that he had a jihad (they're already trying to connect this to Islam and terrorism) against rich people, but it looks to me that this is really a stunt for celebrity.  If his criteria for targets was that because they were students or staff at VT, they had to be rich, then as a student he met his own criteria.  He may have based his "manifesto" on personal feelings, but the points where he rambles are where I think he was reaching for things to feed the media, instead of any true paranoid irrationality.  "Jackass" is a better scapegoat than video games, IMO.