February 25th, 2007

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Coyoty eats yak and sees the Fab Four

Tonight the_nighteyes and I had dinner at The Student Prince in Springfield, MA before seeing the Fab Four concert at the Springfield Symphony Hall. It's a very good German style restaurant with a wild game menu as well, including yak, venison, elk, alligator, ostrich, bison, quail, and bear.  (Hopefully no one I know.)  I tried the roast yak, and it tasted pretty much like pot roast.  It came with wild rice and butternut squash, which was excellent.  For the appetizer, we had potato pancakes, and those were very good too, especially with salt.

The Fab Four is a Beatles tribute show, imitating them from their debut on the Ed Sullivan show to 1965 to the Sgt. Pepper period to just before John Lennon's assassination.  The performers were very close to the originals, but I thought "Ringo" could have been better.  Ed Sullivan was portrayed as well, for comic relief.  It would have been better if the sound hadn't been extremely loud and distorted.  At times it was hard to hear their voices over the instruments, and there was one guitar that could have been toned down.  My ears are still recovering.  The stage lighting was harsh at times also.  Overall, though, it was a good show.
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Coyoty eats condensed milk curls

Found at A Dong Supermarket in West Hartford, CT.  This is a corn snack from Taiwan that looks like cheese curls, but is "condensed milk" flavored.  There are other flavors like chocolate, and coconut.  The Kuai Kuai company logo character appears to be a pirate.

The closest taste I can compare the powderless curls to is vanilla wafers, without the vanilla flavor.  Maybe angel food cake flavor.  I think it would make a very good breakfast cereal in milk, but that would be redundant.