February 23rd, 2007

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From an Alaskan newspaper...

"It's time to stomp out atheists in America."  Why, are they on fire?

"If you don't believe in God, then get out of this country."  Yeah, go back to where you came from!

"The United States is based on having freedom of religion, speech, etc."  Shut up!  Just shut up!

"I don't recall freedom of religion meaning no religion."  Then you didn't pay attention in History class.  You probably also don't recall polynomial equations or how many chromosomes you have or who George and Lennie are.  Bet you know all the myriad ways of "Desperate Housewives", though.

"So, to all the atheists in America: Get off our country."  Yeah, get off.  Swim to Canada or Mexico or something.  What do you mean, America's not an island?  Why do you think they call Mexicans "wetbacks"?  Sure I can point to America on a map.  There, see: "America".  Yes, I'm sure.  No, you idiot, Australia's in England somewhere!  Where's Alaska then?  Right there...  No, Tasmania's a cartoon place, you idiot!  And you say I don't know *my* schooling.

"Atheists have caused the ruin of this great nation..."  Look, you've ruined it!  Now God's going to blame us for it!

"...by taking prayer out of our schools and being able to practice what could only be called evil."  Because you're not allowed to call it anything else?  Yeah, atheists will keep practicing it until they get it right.

"I don't care if they have never committed a crime, atheists are the reason crime is rampant."  Because they make such great victims and scapegoats.