February 12th, 2007

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Saturday New York Trip

Saturday I went to New York with wally_wabbit and two furs from Oregon, Chris and Drew.  We took the train from Stratford, CT and were joined by a NY fur whose name I forget now.  We went to Junior's in Brooklyn for lunch, then went to Central Park, but it turned too cold to do much there.  At the park, there appeared to be a large irridescent Katamari ball: .  We then went on the Roosevelt Island cablecar, but it wasn't as impressive as I'd hoped.  The NY fur left us then.  We then went to Christopher Street where I endured seeing strange fetishy things that didn't bother the others much.  At one point we passed a copy of the Mona Lisa chalked into the sidewalk: .  We went into a Starbucks where another NY fur and his friend joined us, and we continued exploring Christopher Street.  We came across a temporary cafe set up by Altoids to promote their chocolate-covered mints for Valentine's Day.  They gave out free samples of the mints and free coffee, and the shop was artistically decorated with weird sculptures, including a decapitated teddy bear, a pair of hands holding a realistic human heart, a Little Black Riding Hood (her cloak was black instead of red), and a couple of avant-garde Big Bad Wolf statues:  .  After Christopher Street, we went to China Town for a bit, where the other two NYers left us.  By that time we were tired and cold and hungry, so we dropped by foxwell's place for rest and warmth and to bring him to dinner with us.  We had dinner at Bombay Express, then called it a night and went home.  We learned that New York is better explored in warmer weather and during the week instead of the weekend, when everyone else decides to crowd into NY also.