March 31st, 2006

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I got a big furry pillow!

There is a type of fur fabric that would be perfect for a coyote costume, but the only place I've seen it is on tan furry pillows at Wal-Mart. Now they're apparently discontinued, and I got the last one from a clearance sale this evening. If I can't find the fabric anywhere else, at least I can cannibalize the pillow and have enough for a head.

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Furry American Inventor?

Apparently one of the rejected contestants on "American Inventor" tried to present a tail or a tail-related product as his invention. They showed a few seconds of his saying that he thought everyone would be wearing tails in the future, being rejected, and walking away with a spotted feline tail hanging down from under his business suit jacket. (I've used a variation of that line myself when a someone's commented on my coyote tail at furry gatherings, based on the Dread Pirate Robert's comment on masks: "They're terribly comfortable. I predict everyone will be wearing them." Which is true, they are.)
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LOST in OZ (or vice-versa)

After the last LOST episode, I realized something I can't believe I missed all this time: LOST is a modern version of the WIZARD OF OZ. People in a flying building crash in a strange land filled with fantastic creatures and magical occurances. They're all trying to find some part of themselves they're missing, or lost, that they would have asked the Wizard for if they were in Oz. Charlie could use some brains, Sawyer needs a heart, Locke was looking for courage, etc. Jack was originally supposed to die in the beginning of the series, leaving Kate as the main charactor, so maybe she's supposed to be Dorothy. I wouldn't be surprised if the dog plays a Toto role and leads the characters behind some curtains to find that things are more mundane than they seem. They've already shown a make-up kit in the abandoned medical ward where Claire was supposed to have her baby, indicated someone's a humbug, pretending to be someone they're not.

The clues that inspired this brainstorm are that the name of the man who died in the balloon is Henry Gale, the name of Dorothy's uncle; the Wizard came to Oz in a balloon he couldn't control; and everyone flew out of Australia, which is nicknamed Oz. If I look back over the series, I'll probably find more clues I missed.