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Coyoty gets his car broken into.

Sometime between  6:30 p.m. Saturday and 8:30 p.m. Sunday, someone smashed my window and stole a handheld vacuum cleaner and a service kit.  I think they might have been interrupted or spooked while looking inside the vacuum cleaner for valuables because an inner filter was left on the front seat along with a vacuum attachment.  Nothing else was stolen.  Now I have to take off work Monday to deal with insurance and get the window fixed.  Good thing I have full glass coverage.

Smashed window Smashed window

They had to smash the window to unlock the doors. I found the back doors unlocked and the back seat area rummaged.
Vacuum cleaner parts Vacuum cleaner parts

They took my dustbuster-type vacuum cleaner and a car service kit with jumper cables, duct tape, tools, etc. It looks like they were interrupted while searching the vacuum cleaner for valuables. On the front seat are a vacuum attachment and a filter bag from inside the vacuum.
Top view of front seat Top view of front seat

Glass on the floor Glass on the floor

Inside view of broken window Inside view of broken window

All that glass fell out when I shut the back hatch after checking for anything else stolen. I'm surprised the thief didn't get cut unlocking the door.

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