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Coyoty eats a tapioca shrimp sesame cracker.

Tapioca Shrimp Sesame Cracker Tapioca Shrimp Sesame Cracker (click picture to enlarge)

From A Dong Supermarket in West Hartford, CT. The ingredients are the same as its name, plus salt and water. Distributed by Sincere Trading LLC.  A product of Vietnam.

The crackers are 8 inches in diameter, like a tortilla wrap, and a little thinner. There are supposedly four to a package, but I think I got cheated out of half a cracker because I got only 3 1/2.


Make that getting cheated out of all four.  I don't know if this is supposed to be cooked or prepared some other way, but as they are, they are hardly any different than the plastic container they come in.  They have the consistency and taste of badly made Frisbees.  Which explains why I want to fling them away from me as far as possible.  Blech.

Are they supposed to go in a soup or something?  The package doesn't say, and I can't find anything helpful on the Internet.

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