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Coyoty eats a goat.

For dinner tonight, I went to Aqui Me Quedo Restaurant II on Albany Ave. in Hartford, CT for some Spanish and Puerto Rican food.  I had curried goat, beans, yellow rice with seafood, and for an appetizer, a potato ball with beef.

This is the first time I've had goat, and of course it doesn't taste like chicken.  It's more like lamb, I think, but more muscly.  It wasn't bad, but I don't like being surprised by bones the way goat curry is traditionally served, so it's unlikely I'll go looking for more.

More photos:

Memorabilia on a wall in the restaurant:

The restaurant's enclosed bar area:

The restaurant's take-out deli area:

The goat curry with beans and yellow rice with seafood:

The potato ball with beef appetizer:

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