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Independence Day in New Haven, CT

I joined wally_wabbit and friends for Independence Day in New Haven, CT.  We went to the beach at Lighthouse Point Park, had dinner at Szechwan Delight, and watched the fireworks later.  There was some doubt about the weather because the forecast was for a lot of rain, and there was, but I demonstrated my weather control powers and kept the rain at bay.  I especially enjoyed how I kept assuring Wally on the bus, while it was pouring outside, that it wouldn't rain when we were off the bus, and the rain obeyed.  As soon as we stepped off, it stopped.   As soon as we got on another, it started.  As soon as we stepped off again, it stopped again.  We only had to use our umbrellas for shade or juggling.  I made sure it was clear enought for the fireworks, too.  Really.  ("This is just the sort of thing no one ever believes."  --Baron Munchaussen)

Odd photos from the day -- these are just the sort  of things no one ever believes, too:

Affiliated Foot Surgeons Affiliated Foot Surgeons

And people think furry fandom is strange...

This association is in New Haven, near the current local Scientology headquarters. I wonder if there's a connection.  Click photo to enlarge for better reading.
Hydrant man sculpture Hydrant man sculpture

This is a sculpture of a hydrant man outside a firehouse near Lighthouse Point Park.
Under Construction Under Construction

A car parked at the Lighthouse Point Park beach parking lot . I'm not sure if this is an art car. The dangling signal lights are a nice touch.
Erections for Rent or Sale Erections for Rent or Sale

A sign near the railroads near the Ikea store in New Haven. I get mine for free, thank you.
War of the Worlds reenactment? War of the Worlds reenactment?

After the fireworks finished, it looked like the crowd was reenacting a refugee scene from the War of the Worlds. Given the Scientology offices in the city, I was afraid Tom Cruise might show up.
Independence Day of the Living Dead? Independence Day of the Living Dead?

Zombies shuffle away from the fireworks. If the behavior of people trying to drive away is any indication, they probably starved for lack of brains.

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