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Corrupted wish granted: "Land of the Lost" movie

A classic example of being careful what you wish for is the Land of the Lost movie coming in June.  The Sleestaks will look the same, but everything else will be a Bizarro version of the original series.  Will Farrell will play Rick Marshall, a laughed-at scientist studying time warps who falls through one, along with adult lab assistants Will and Holly, into a "lost world" where elements of the past, present, and future are mixed together, and they all have to find a way out.  The TV show was taken seriously, but this movie isn't.  It's what you would expect from a Will Farrell vehicle, and from the previews and website, looks like a mockery.  The giant crab and the T. rex look and act like they're out of Disney's Meet the Robinsons.  This is the most horrifying preview I've seen since Beverly Hills Chihuahua.

Land of the Lost Lunch is more like it.

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