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Versailles Chapel Coyote

From Skywater by Melinda Worth Popham:

     "Early on, boning up for his new job, he had looked up 'coyote' in the encyclopaedia at the Yuma Public Library, and a strange thing had happened.  He, a matter-of-fact, down-to-earth man who paid no attention to his dreams or any other loose talk from his psyche, had had the closest thing to a vision he was ever to experience.
     "After reading the brief entry on coyotes -- ... -- his eye had fallen on a small, black-and-white photograph which he took to be an illustration of the coyote entry but which was, in fact, accompanying the adjacent entry on Antoine Coypel.  Even after reading the caption, 'Chapel Vault at Versailles by Coypel, 1709,' and realizing it was the perspective and smallness of the photograph that had done it, he still could not shake the powerful illusion of the chapel vault forming the head of a primitive yet oddly realistic beast-priest coyote with the angled, clerestory windows as pointed teeth and three of the round, Baroque panels as nose and absolutely coyote eyes.
     "He thumbtacked it on a wall in his shack, and when Hallie asked him why, he said it was the best damn picture of a coyote he had ever seen..."

The author is right.  Look up "versailles chapel" in Google, click on Images, and look at all the different thumbnails of this chapel.  You will see Coyote looking back at you.
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