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COYOTY crashes and burns.

Now I'm beginning to appreciate why insurance rates are higher in Hartford.  I had just had my emissions tested and was leaving the testing station when someone sped through the intersection I was going through and didn't stop.  He hit my right rear wheel and kept going, fleeing the scene.  I pulled over, checked the damage, and called the police to file a report.  After dealing with the police, I went back to the testing station, which is a small auto shop, and they said they couldn't do anything.  The damage was to the wheel and suspension, which they said required dealer parts, and of course the Saturn dealer here just went out of business.  They recommended a shop to go to and I thought I could make it there when my suspension caught fire and I had to pull over and call 911.  It was out by time the fire department arrived, and I obviously couldn't drive it, so I called AAA and had it towed to a certified shop, which was of course closed.  (All the shops seem to close around 1 p.m. on a Saturday here.)  Now I have to take Monday off from work  to deal with the insurance and repairs.
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