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Coyoty's Grimy New Year

I went to quentincoyote's place in Weehawken, NJ for New Year's Eve. When I left around 4 p.m., it was snowing in Hartford, CT

but was winding down, and I wasn't going to let that spoil my evening.  I got there later than I liked because I got stuck behind a plow on I-91, then missed my exit in New York because the exit numbers look the same as the route numbers, then had a hard time finding the place because Google gave outdated directions, then I had a hard time finding a parking space.  I thought I had found one, but it turned out to be someone's "driveway", and I got a parking ticket for blocking it.  It turns out that driveways in that area across the water from NY City are frequently sidewalk space assigned for resident parking.  Who knew?  The ticket's apparently not online yet so I don't know what I'll have to pay.

The next morning, my car showed the rigors of the frigid dirty grimy trip.  By my usual strange luck, it turns out that someone across the street from Quentin owns a twin to my car.

Here are some views of NY City from Weehawken (click to enlarge):

At Quentin's I tried a hookah (tobacco only), but didn't like it.  Quentin's mate Rex had to get in on the act too, wearing Quentin's head.

Of course, I started off the new year in suit.

Quentin's "bar" was well-stocked.  I brought a bottle of Block 13 Cabernet.  Quentin introduced everyone to "chocolate cake shots", which consist of sucking on a salted lemon slice then drinking a shot of one part Frangelico and two parts vanilla vodka.  It tastes exactly like a chocolate cake.

I drank to the new year, and gave a howl when the ball landed.

New Year's Day, everyone slept late, and we had "breakfast" at 3 p.m.  We went to the River View Diner in Weehawken where I had a corned beef omelet with hash browns, wheat toast, and coffee.  It was okay, but not great.  Corned beef is not a preferred omelet filling.

After returning from brunner (brunch/dinner), we watched a little TV and I took off for home.  The trip back was much better, with clear weather and roads.  It's still too damn cold, though.
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