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Coyoty drinks 2005 Block 13 Cabernet Sauvignon.

2005 Block 13 Cabernet Sauvignon, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

Lately I've been drinking a lot of wines from If your exposure to wine has been Franzia, Almaden, "two-buck Chuck", Yellow Tail, and other inexpensive or boxed brands, you just don't know what real wine is like. The wines from Woot are also inexpensive, but they're promotional deals from smaller quality vinyards, that don't normally get national exposure and are well worth finding. They would be at least twice as expensive in wine shops, if you could find them. The brands I've received were from Ursa Vinyards, Vampire Vinyards, Williamette Vinyards, and now Gundlach Bundschu. I've discovered wine types I hadn't tried before, like petit sirrah, and the pinot noir I got from Williamette was the best wine I've had so far. That one reminded me of the grapes from a vine my family had in the backyard 30 years ago, light and sweet. Afterward I tried pinot noir from the more inexpensive Yellow Tail from Australia, and it was like vinegar in comparison.

The Block 13 wine pictured is from Gundlach Bundschu, made from a batch that gets high praise from wine experts, and from me. It's a full-bodied sweet red wine. I don't know enough about wines to be snobbish about it, but I think it's pretty good. If I read the wine.woot forum long enough, I'll be better able to lingo it. The people there know their wines, and the brands' spokespeople are usually in the forum to answer questions.


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