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Coyoty eats wasabi tempura seaweed snacks.

Wasabi tempura seaweed snacks, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

Wasabi flavored fried tempura coated seaweed snacks, purchased from Trader Joe's in West Hartford, CT.

Ingredients include wheat flour, palm oil, seaweed, corn and tapioca starch, egg white, wasabi seasoning (dextrin, salt, glucose, yeast extract, wasabi powder, spinach powder, palm oil, mustard and pepper oil, acacia gum, tricalcium phosphate), salt, garlic powder, red pepper liquid (red pepper, alcohol), and calcium powder (egg).

They're okay, but I don't see much reason to recommend them. Aside from the light wasabi flavoring, there's not much taste to them. They could serve as a novelty snack for parties, or as a dip transport, but for one person at home, there's not much appeal. There are plenty of other wasabi snacks with more flavor.

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