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Coyoty boosts the West Hartford, CT economy.

I went shopping in West Hartford today, and spent way more than I expected or probably should have.  There were two things I wanted to do, finally see Blue Back Square, and get my Thanksgiving dinner at Whole Foods.  Blue Back was okay, like an outdoors mall, but not so many shops and more spread out.  In addition to Blue Back, I shopped West Hartford Center, and spent about $50 on various calendarsHere are some photos of West Hartford Center and Blue Back.  There was one shop at Blue Back that had amazing wind chimes that sounded like a harp, but they cost $80. 

I thought I was going to save money by getting my Thanksgiving dinner at Whole Foods instead of a restaurant, but I ended up spending $85 on food instead of $20.  In addition to still spending about $20 on the Thanksgiving dinner, I got some additional necessary groceries, a roast lamb dinner for tonight, a mess of gourmet chips, and a turkey mole burrito.  Whole Foods is dangerous.  At least the dinners have so much food I can split them over two days.

I wasn't aware that moles were raised for Thanksgiving in Mexico.  I think there'd be a size issue, and even a fat mole would only be a mouthful.  There'd be no point in fighting over the drumsticks.  Maybe that's why they mixed it with turkey as filler.  I hope it doesn't overwhelm the mole's flavor.

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