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Coyoty eats a Rosco's Thanksgiving dog.

Rosco's Thanksgiving dog, originally uploaded by Coyoty.

Hot dog with turkey gravy, sweet potato, and cranberry sauce, with Belgian fries and coffee. From Rosco's Big Dog in Hartford, CT.  This is their hot dog of the month.

I went to Rosco's as part of my "Bolt" movie meet.  I was joined by [info]accordion_hero.  After eating, we walked down Main St. in Hartford until it was time to go to the movie.  The movie was not bad, once you get over the premise that Bolt supposedly thinks everything in his TV show is real and does what the plots require with no rehearsal.  It was the 3-D showing, the first I've seen with the current technology, and the 3-D effects were better than I expected.


More photos from the restaurant and Hartford (click to enlarge):

From the designers who brought you the transvestite Tweety Bird, it's Bugs Bunny farting stars and rainbows! 



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