Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats a shrimpy chip.

Prawn Chips (Original Flavor) Prawn Chips (Original Flavor)

Prawn chips from Hong Kong Market in West Haven, CT. The front says "MADE WITH FRESH PRAWN". The ingredients include tapioca flour, palm oil, prawn flavor, fish meat, white sugar, and salt.  Sounds yummy.

Another package I need scissors to open.  I've never encountered a chip bag that was so hard to open before.

I'm glad they told me it has prawn flavor, because it's barely noticible.  The chips are puffed crisps, and I don't see where the fish meat comes in, unless they mean fish fat, because they're a bit greasy.  They do seem a bit like pork rinds, so maybe they're fish rinds.

Tags: asian, chips, crisps, prawn, shrimp
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