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Coyoty plays tricks in the NY Village Halloween Parade.

This was my second time marching in the Village Halloween Parade in NY, and the experience was much better this time. I marched with foxwell, mejeep, freakylynx, Dreamwolf, rapidtrabbit, and others whose names I apologetically don't remember right now. We started earlier than last year, so we were able to get nearer to the beginning of the parade and get more photo and video opportunities. Mejeep escorted me, making sure I didn't collide with anyone, and to point out victims-- er, audiences. I was in my coyote outfit, of course, and carried my inflatable USA mallet. I bonked many people, wowed many more with my balancing skills, and mocked a few Grim Reapers by pretending the mallet was a scythe. Mejeep got several pictures of the parade, but I wasn't able to get any of the parade itself. If anyone comes across footage and photos of me (see Mejeep's for identification), please let me know. I think I might be in some news casts, but I couldn't identify the stations.

Some highlights: There was a pirate ship that wanted me to stick with them as their mascot, but I declined. There was someone covered with a (fake) spider infestation, and I told him he didn't quite get the concept of Spider-Man. On the train ride to NY, there was a women in costume who worked for Halloween Adventure. On the train ride home, the two women who sat near me had been in the parade also, and one of them had been Red Riding Hood. (It would have been great to have come across her in the parade, considering how many people thought I was the Big Bad Wolf.) There were many Jokers, and I saw a Riddler and an Aquaman. I asked a Superman what Jerry Seinfeld was really like, but he apparently didn't get the joke. I hit an Iron Man a little too hard, apparently; based on his cheap costume, he probably should be called Plastic Man. There were a lot of Obamas and McCains and Palins, but I didn't see any Bidens. There were the ubiquitous zombies, and a decapitated Ronald McDonald carrying his head around.

While everyone was squeezing together at the start, a few people recognized our groups as being furries. Someone said, "It's the Attack of the Furries!", and I replied, "There are no furries here! Just us coyotes!" Everyone loved us, and they especially loved Foxwell, though they kept calling him Tony the Tiger. It's like they've never seen a big orange fox-raccoon before.

Here are some of my photos from the trip (click to enlarge):

A couple of Obama and McCain condom distributors. There seemed to be purveyor of political prophelactics on every corner.

You know things are getting bad when they start putting guard towers up on Broadway.

Ferris wheel inside Toys-R-Us on Broadway.

Blue's clueless.  Some people don't even try.

A Peruvian flute band.

Tenderheart Bear and a barrel of monkeys.  Which is more fun?

Foxwell Foxcoon in the subway.   Shouldn't the cartoon character be two-dimensional and the hat be three-dimensional?

Foxwell gets his furry palm read.

A pumpkin reflected in the window of Pam's Thai Restaurant on W. 47th St. looks like it's inside the car across the street.

According to this poster on the train to New Haven, you should bite your nails when you yawn in Cape Town.
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