Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

A Defense of Furry Fandom

What do you say to people who believe the crap that's spread about furry fandom, especially after the recent spotlight on Anthrocon?  Here's what I said:

"News" articles on furries are written by  people who still write "Biff! Bam! Pow! Adults Read Comic Books!" articles, or ignore stalwarts like Ray Bradbury at science fiction conventions in favor of spotlighting the Klingons.  Fiction science like CSI can't get its science right on most shows, let alone sociology.  The reports and documentaries rarely rise above the level of Weekly World News.

What you don't see reported is that author Diane Duane and artist Scott Shaw! were guests of honor at Anthrocon this year, and other SF and fantasy writers, artists, and cartoonists such as Bill Holbrook are regular attendees at furry conventions, as with any other science fiction convention.  Previous guests of honor have been Holbrook, Jeffrey A. Carver, S. Andrew Swann, Dan DeCarlo, Guy Gilchrist, and Peter Laird.  As for the fursuits, you have people in costume at Trek conventions, comic book conventions, gaming conventions, Civil War conventions, etc.

The rumors about sexual perversions?  Urban legends.  There are people who they're based on, but like any stereotype, they're not representative of  the majority.  They're the ones the media and mockers latch onto, though, and ruin it for everyone else.  Furry fandom is as much a sexual fetish as Trek fandom, comic book fandom, gaming fandom, Civil War fandom, etc.

Certainly some people will read Spider-Man because they get turned on by his body and skin-tight suit, but do you believe that applies to most of his fans?  Or that Jack Kirby got hard-ons drawing him?  That's the type of thing uninformed people assume about furry fandom.

Comic book fandom had to deal with "Seduction of the Innocent" and being accused of causing juvenile delinquency.  Gaming fandom had to deal with everyone believing Dungeons and Dragons led to suicides and satanism.  Furry fandom has to deal with the sexual accusations.  In a few decades, some other "weird" fandom will pop up and boggle about what people say about them, too.

You can make up your own mind, but don't make it up based on someone the witch hunters have dressed up as a witch.
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