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FEMA blames Katrina victims for their toxic trailers.

This is not an Onion story.  FEMA is saying that toxic levels of formaldehyde in trailers supplied to displaced Katrina victims in Iowa are due to the lifestyles of the occupants, who have the bad sense to do things in them like cook, clean, and smoke.  FEMA says that the trailers met government testing standards, which are less strict than those of the American Lung Association and the EPA, which where used by the company that tested the trailers at the request of television station KGAN-TV.  Even though FEMA includes smoking as a reason for the formaldehyde levels, the trailers tested were occupied by nonsmokers.  FEMA's standards apparently allow five times the normal levels found in modern homes.  FEMA spokesman Michael Lapinski told reporters that if the people living in the trailers don't like them, they can just leave.
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