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Busy Saturday.

This morning I got an oil change and discovered they were getting ready for a community parade down the road, for Hartford's Park Road Association.  After eating my inedible breakfast (previous rock), I took a walk and took some pictures.  There were the usual high school bands and businesses represented, and some of them had mascots, including a cow, a dog kennel's Uberdog, a high school's eagle, and the Red Robin red robin.

After the oil change, I got a car wash, did my grocery shopping, and went to the home show at the Hartford Civic Center (now known as the XL Center due to corporate sponsorship).  The home show was a big disappointment, being too small and same-old.  The ones at the Connecticut Expo Center are much better.  The civic center has seen better times, and renaming it hasn't seemed to help.  Any shops that tried to reestablish in the center have given up, so now the signs to them lie.  There is a neat sculpture in there, though, tied in with the UConn Huskies.

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