Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coronavirus Pizza

Coronavirus Pizza

I got the coronavirus at Trader Joe's!

All the ingredients are from Trader Joe's: Pepperoni, minced garlic, pepperjack cheese, garlic and herb pizza crust dough, and pizza sauce.

I used a 12-inch cast iron pizza pan to bake it.  I lined the pan with aluminum foil, shaped the dough inside, laid the sauce and cheese, folded the pepperoni into triangles and placed them, and put little dollops of minced garlic around the pepperoni.  I lifted the raw pizza out on the foil and preheated the pan in my June smart oven at 450º F.  I placed the pizza back in the hot pan and baked it for 20 minutes.

I think the next time I make a pizza with the pan, I'll shape the crust up the sides instead of just the bottom.  I'm also going to stick with mozzarella instead of pepperjack and other cheeses like it, which are a little more sour  than mozzarella and not as chewy.
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