Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats a strange pink cookie.

Strange Pink Cookies
I decided to try the old "don't eat that" bit, but without the "Fear Factor" element.  Coyotes may eat anything in the wild, but I'm not in the wild, so I don't feel inclined to eat diseased corn or whatever I'm dared to eat.  I'm limiting myself to curiosities and novelties.  No real horrors here.

First up is a package of "cookies" I found at A Dong Supermarket, about the size, shape, and color of pepperoni. Hopefully they won't taste like pepperoni. Made from "haw sugar", water, and Red Dye #40.

With the package opened, they don't smell like any normal cookies.  They smell kind of cabbagy and beety.  I'm not sure I want to eat it any more.

I've taken one out and it appears to be a felt furniture pad, the kind you stick under a couch leg to protect the floor.  Sort of like "Soylent Pink".

It tastes pretty much like it smells.  Vegetably and cabbagy and Necco-y.  Not horrible, but an acquired taste.  Not one I'd want to acquire.  In this case, I can eat just one.  Yecch.

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