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Coyoty does birthday parties.

Today I did my first paid costume gig, a birthday party at Highland Bowl in Cheshire, CT.  The birthday boy was 3 years old, and he was all over the place.  The father added me as one of the bowlers, but with all the kids running around and the boy not yet familiar with the concepts of turns and specific lanes, I only got in about three throws.  I had Roger Rabbit luck on the first one, where they asked me to make a difficult spare and I got it.  (It only works when it's funny.)  I had only one down point where someone outside the party asked me not to leave the party area because I was scaring her granddaughter.

After the bowling, I was asked to sit at the table with the kids, where they had pizza, lemonade, and cake.  I couldn't eat or drink because of the costume, but I did successfully look like I was drinking my lemonade, and pretended to try to steal the pizza of the kids near me.  One kid who seemed to be autistic teased me by offering me a balloon, and snatching it away just before I could get it.  (Except when I finally caught it and we had a tug of war with it, which he really enjoyed.)  I couldn't enjoy my pizza, but when someone passed a plate around to collect the trash, I got up and pretended to try to eat that, which went over well.  Shortly after, I was paid and thanked, and I gave the father my contract information so he could send me photos.  He said I did pretty well and everyone enjoyed me.

Doing a birthday party in a bowling alley is challenging.  Because you're in a limited area, there's only so far a suiter can move around, and with everyone busy bowling, your antics can't get in their way, and there's only so much one can do.  Fortunately the bowling was only about an hour, and the same with the food part.  It helps to bring props with you to broaden your repertoire and to offer the kids to occupy them also.

My strange luck played a part in this event.  I didn't know I was going to be a paid performer until after I was booked, when two other suiters at wally_wabbit 's fursuit bowling event at Highland Bowl a few weeks ago were approached by the father, and I was included in the deal because I happened to be nearby.  I knew the time I was to show up, but because of communication problems, I didn't find out until I got there that the other two had cancelled because the booking wasn't confirmed until it was too late and they had other obligations.  With the party without booked entertainment, and me right there available (have suit, will travel), I rebooked with the father and everyone was happy.  If the others had been able to contact me, I wouldn't have shown up and the party would have been without a performer.  I was booked by accident, and showed up by accident, and it worked out even better because I think only one performer was practical for the size of the party.

Another bit of strange luck: My horoscope for Saturday says, "You may be the star attraction at a public event."

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