Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Fox testicle ice cream!

In Turkey, there is a frozen dessert called salepi dondurma, which translates literally to "fox testicle ice cream".  Salep is a variety of orchid with roots that are tubers that resemble a pair of small white testicles, thus the name.  The tubers are boiled to soften them, then pounded and dried into a flour that is mixed with milk and sugar and frozen into salepi dondurma.  The ice cream is very elastic, like taffy, and can stretched out enough to be used as a jump rope.  Because of this, it's normally eaten with a knife and fork.  The flavor is similar to vanilla.  Salep powder has been used to for hundreds of years to make a hot drink, and some historians think the ice cream might have been discovered over 300 years ago when a batch was left out on a cold night, and the finder decided to try it before throwing it out.  Probably because of the tubers' appearance, salepi is considered an aphrodisiac, and it is also thought to cure several ailments, such as skin problems, hunchbacks, and bronchitis.

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