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Lipstick and Libraries

Question:  Which presidential candidate first made a comment about putting lipstick on a pig about the other's platform?

Answer:  It wasn't Obama.

There is also some question about whether Sarah Palin tried to have a book about gay issues banned from the Wasilla, Alaska public library while she was mayor of that town in 1996.  At the time, she was a member of the church that was pushing for removal of the book, and she called the head librarian to ask what her reaction would be if she were asked to remove books from the library.  The librarian said she would refuse and fight any removal orders.  Shortly afterward, the librarian was fired by Palin, but she was reinstated after reaction from the town's residents in the librarian's favor.

Tags: books, censorship, hypocracy, library, lipstick, mccain, palin, pigs, sexism

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