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Looks like I picked the wrong day...

Or it picked me.  Things have been going wrong all day for me, starting at 12 a.m., and I hope it's done with me with five minutes left.

I wanted to get some much needed grocery shopping done before Hannah came through, so after the diner meet I went across the lot  to the Stop & Shop and it had just closed at 12 a.m.  I went from there to my usual Stop & Shop in Hartford, and found that it closes at 12 a.m. also.  I resigned myself to try to get my shopping done in the calm before the storm today, but when I got there, there was already a power outage in the area and all the perishables had been removed from sale.  I thought I'd be able to get all my unperishables bought and then go to a different store for my milk, sour cream, etc., but then suddenly I really had to go to the bathroom and I had to get only what I absolutely needed and absolutely get home.

At home I checked the TiVo and found a new channel in the lineup, but while my Comcast box could show it, my TiVo's cablecards couldn't.  I had to spend half the afternoon checking connections, calling Comcast, reseting the TiVo, nearly losing all my saved programs, etc.

This evening, I went to check my mail and add oil to my car as well, but the parking lot lights that should have been on weren't, so I had to leave the oil for later.

I tried to order a pizza, but I kept getting the delivery guy's cell phone and he kept telling me to call the restaurant.  Even the number he gave me to call was being routed back to him, so he took my order for when he got back to the shop.  After an hour, I called the restaurant to check on the pizza and was told they don't deliver to my area.  So I ordered from another restaurant, and Hannah arrived at the same time the pizza did and soaked the box, but fortunately the pizza was okay.

EDIT: And of course the day had to get in its last licks.  The Cross-Time Cafe forum is down now.
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