Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Ten (or more) unusual things about me meme.

1. I've seen several UFOs.
2. I can balance nearly anything taller than a pencil and some things shorter.
3. I quit Mensa as a kid because it wasn't challenging enough.
4. Allergies are like red kryptonite to me. I have a different weird reaction to them each year.
5. Strange coincidences happen around me all the time.
6. I've lived in a haunted tenement.
7. I almost died of a drug overdose while floating down the Connecticut River around age four.
8. People sometimes answer me when I haven't asked anything but want to.
9. I've stood in plain sight in the middle of a room while people looked for me.
10. If I want to talk to someone, they will somehow run into me out of their way.
11. I dream stories, lucidly.
12. My cat is over 16 years old.
13. Sometimes I feel like somebody's watching me... from a future century...
14. I'm the only one in my family who hasn't had diabetes, high blood pressure, a smoking habit, or alcoholism.
15. I sang soprano in my middle school's choir.
16. I went to a Catholic high school while going to a Protestant church and paid for my senior year myself.
17. Harlan Ellison came up to me in his pajamas at breakfast and fed me black pudding.
18. I could leg-press over 520 lbs. in high school. That's the highest the equipment could go.
19. I was a member of Wesleyan University's science fiction club and wasn't a student. I may have met Joss Whedon there.
20. While I was taking a picture in Picadilly Circus in London, police evacuated everyone but me from an intersection and taped off the area with me still inside. I had to cross the tape to get out.  They kept pushing people further back  from the area and when I asked an officer how far back we should go, he said, "Depends on how much you want to live."  I assume it was a bomb scare, but there was nothing in the news about it.

I think that's enough for now.
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