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Coyoty can't enjoy his sandwich.

After work today I stopped at the Burger King on Farmington Ave. in Hartford and tried to order the Cheesy Bacon Tendercrisp sandwich, and they wouldn't let me have one.  I wanted only the sandwich, and they said I had to order the full meal.  That didn't sound right, so I asked to talk to the manager and she also said I had to buy the more expensive meal if I wanted the sandwich at all.  I asked for an explanation, and she claimed that only the meal was in the computer and I couldn't order the sandwich alone, which still doesn't sound right.  I told them to forget it and went to a BK that was further away, and they had no problem giving me only the sandwich.  I told them what happened at the other BK, and they couldn't understand it either.  Tomorrow I'm calling BK's customer service line to see if they can explain it.

Once I got the sandwich, it was okay, but not spectacular.  It was basically a fried chicken cutlet with cheese and bacon.  At least it's a cutlet and not fused from parts.
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