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And the Wacko of the Week Award goes to...

Bernann McKinney, the woman who sold her house to raise $53,000 to have her pit bull cloned by South Korean scientists.  Not just for that, but because she's just admitted to being Joyce McKinney, the former Miss Wyoming who made British tabloid headlines 31 years ago by following a Mormon missionary to England, kidnapping him, shackling him to a bed with mink-lined handcuffs, and making him her sex slave.  He escaped her and she escaped British authorities, and in 1984 she stalked him again at his workplace, where rope and handcuffs and a log of his activities were found in her car.  She disappeared again until now, and it turns out she's wanted on several other charges.  She says she admitted her past because she thought people would be over it by now and Joyce doesn't exist any more.  I guess she'll be a figment of some warden's imagination now.,0,1412155.story

I wonder if they actually cloned her instead.
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