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Google Me Meme

RULES: Go to Google and type in your first name and the phrase. Copy and paste the first sentence/phrase you get that makes sense.

Since "Coyoty" is uncommon, I'll accept "Coyote" also.

Q: [your name] needs
A: Coyote needs cookies?  [Yes, he does.]
A: Dave needs a timeout.  [I been a baaaad boy.]

Q: [your name] looks like
A: Coyote looks like he wants to say something, but he keeps his mouth shut.  [...]
A. Dave looks like a lady.  [I do not!!!  BTW, already I'm having to skip over other Daves playing the game.]

Q: [your name] says
A: Coyote says something, well, coyote.  [What else?]
A: Dave Says Raaawr.  [Raaawr.]

Q: [your name] wants
A: Coyote Wants a Baby.  [About 6 months old.  They're the tastiest.]
A: Dave Wants You.  [I just never knew how to say it.]

Q: [your name] does
A: Coyoty does a Snoopy dance.  [See userpic.]
A: Dave does Doors.  [♫ People are strange, but I may be stranger... ♫]

Q: [your name] hates
A: Coyote HATES Americans!  [They eat too much junk food.  Ruins my cholesterol.]
A. Dave Hates You.  [I want you.  I hate you.  I'm so conflicted.]

Q: [your name] loves
A: Coyote loves me.  [Even if I am American.  But I don't count.]
A. Dave loves amoebi.  [They feel so squishy.]

Q: [your name] enjoys
A: Coyote enjoys grapes at about 4 in the morning, magic hour for Shiraz.   [*Hic*.]
A: Dave Enjoys Nature.  [Naturally.]

Q: [your name] asks
A: Coyote asks his friend, Fox, "Instead of smearing the eggs all over yourself, why didn't you eat the eggs?"  [Do I cook so badly, he has to roll in it?]
A: Dave asks, Dave gets.  [No one crosses Dave.]

Q: [your name] goes
A: Coyoty goes tubing and trees a foxcoon.  [You'd be surprised how fast I can chase a foxcoon while floating down a river in a tube.]
A: Dave Goes Nutz.  [I do that.]

Q: [your name] likes
A: Coyote likes Quiznos in Chicago.  [But they said, "We don't serve your kind here!" and dragged me out.  I'm suing.]
A. Dave Likes Art.  [Art is pretty.]

Q: [your name] eats
A: Coyoty eats Bacon, Egg & Cheese Combos.  [But you knew that already.]
A: Dave Eats People's Food.  [The cat gets upset if I eat hers.]

Q: [your name] wears
A: Coyote wears a hat, eagle wears a necklace, fox has earrings.  [We're ready to go now.]
A: Dave wears a tiara.  [...You weren't supposed to know that.]

Q: [your name] was arrested for
A: No results found.  [They never could pin anything on me.]
A: Dave was arrested for punching out an undercover detective in Tokyo.  [Damn it, I always get blamed for everything Coyoty does!]
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