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Dear Asshole...

When you're making a lane change or starting to do anything else on the highway and you hear someone honking, stop doing it.  If you don't stop it and keep hearing the honking and it gets longer and louder, STOP FUCKING DOING IT!  Or you might stop doing anything at all.  DON'T keep moving into the middle lane from the right lane when there are faster cars coming up on you and honking in the middle lane and there's no one near you in the right lane.  DON'T slow down when you get into the middle lane and a faster car is almost on top of you and  honking.  DON'T keep poking around in your precious new lane when that car is desperately trying to slow down to avoid ramming you and still honking.  It's not someone you pissed off and saying "screw you" with their horn, it's someone telling you you're screwed if you don't fucking move out of the way!  And don't assume it's for some other ass you and me are around.  Assume that you and me may not be around much longer.

If anyone is shocked at my language because it's out of my character, so is dying.
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