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There's a signpost up ahead...

There's a street in Sudbury, Mass. that either doesn't exist all the time, or can only be accessed under the right metaphysical conditions, at least when I'm looking for it.

samuikon and I went to visit dalesql for his cookout Saturday. He neglected to tell us he lived in the Twilight Zone. He gave directions, and I also Mapquested it, but when it came to actually getting there, it wasn't. There. Neither the street or the synagogue it was supposed to be across from existed. We drove back and forth through Sudbury, examining each street we came across quite thoroughly, and none were it. The guy we asked for directions at a restaurant said he lived in Sudbury, but never heard of the street. I called Dale and got more details, but they didn't help. I thought maybe he really lived off of Rt. 20 and 3/4. Then when we were at wit's end, the synagogue that wasn't there *was*, and the street was right across from it as it should have been but hadn't. Both were in plain sight *then*, but not until then. They were impossible to miss, but they clearly were missing until then. Two people should not have been able to overlook them, especially with how carefully we were looking.

Fortunately, faeries didn't entice us while we were there, and 40 years hadn't passed when we left. But now I'm not so sure they couldn't have.

Unfortunately, there were no other furries to entice us, either. All the rain apparently kept everyone else away, and from what I heard, came through siegewolf's roof. I love driving, even in that weather, so it couldn't keep me away. The cookout was a washout, but we still had fun inside.
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