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Coyoty eats pizza to die for.

As with many other things, I choose my Friday pizza randomly with a 20-sided die.  That's how I roll.  If I don't get one of the random pizzeria's specials, it'll be a combination of three items, or a combination of combination and special.

Tonight the random pizzeria was A-1 Pizza in Hartford.  The random pizza was their florentine pizza.  Because it didn't have meat on it, my random meat was salami.  I was skeptical, but I'd been surprised by odd combinations before, so I ordered it.

When I took my first bite, my eyes went wide with amazement.  I don't remember having a better pizza.  Mozzarella, feta, spinach, and salami go very well together.  I should try it from a different pizzeria to make sure it wasn't just the way A-1 made it, though I'm sure it didn't hurt.  (They always make good pizza.)  This combination is a winner.
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