Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Coyoty eats truffles.

White and black truffles (1 oz. each), purchased from Global Exotics on eBay.

Truffles are a legendary fungus, said to have the most exquisite flavor of all mushrooms, and are priced accordingly.  I've had things flavored with truffles, but never by themselves, because they've always been so expensive and hard to find.  When they came up on eBay, both the white and black varieties, I jumped at the chance to finally try them uncombined with anything else, and see if they're worth their reputation and expense.

I suppose they might be to some people, but I personally don't think they're worth $30 an ounce, the price the seller says he charges restaurants.  (I got these for $10 an ounce.)  I was expecting whole truffles, but these are slivered and dried.  They didn't have much flavor as they are, so I soaked a sliver of each for awhile before trying them again, and got better results.  The white truffle tastes sort of like portabella mushrooms, only a little stronger.  The black truffle is "mustier", like a room where dust has been gathering for a long while, and I don't like it as much as the white truffle.  Maybe if I soak them longer, or cook with them, they might improve.  I'll save them to put on hamburgers or something like that, or maybe grind them and use them for seasoning.  I doubt I'll be buying more of them, unless I can get them fresh and whole and try them that way.
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