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If I want you, you will find me.

One interesting aspect of my strange luck is it seems to summon people I need to talk to, or put me on an intercept course, so that I will run into them unexpectedly, whatever our schedules or locations.  Today it turned out it will even drag people into work on their day off so that I can talk to them.

An administrator at the college where I work wanted me to set up a PC for summer registrations, which I didn't expect to get to until next week.  I went to his office this morning to see if he could show me where it was to be set up, and he was out.  His staff said he wasn't supposed to come in today.  So he came in as I was leaving his office.  He wasn't supposed to come in, but he decided to anyway, just as I was looking for him.

He showed me where the PC was to go, and asked if we had an extra small printer we could add.  Normally we wouldn't because the printers are specifically ordered, but I had just decomissioned an old OfficeJet, and my director directed me to use that.

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