Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Take the Furheads Bowling

wally_wabbit hosted fursuit bowling at Johnson’s Duckpin Lanes in Hamden, CT. Attending were Wally, me, samuikon, mortonfox, and foxwell. We bowled underthe lanes' Glo-Bowl blacklights and disco lights. (Photos in my LJ gallery.) It was my first time bowling duckpin, and I found I bowl better with my feet than with my hands, and better backward than forward. It's the Roger Rabbit Rule: I can only do it if it's funny. After bowling, we went up to New Haven's West Ridge Park for Foxwell to perform. As with the bowling, however, there was little audience for participation. Later, we went to the Seschwan Delight restaurant in and I got even with the duckpins by having duck for dinner.
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