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Coyoty eats quail eggs.

Quail egg yakitori (Japanese skewer), from Koji Sushi and Yakitori bar, Hartford, CT.

These were served four on a skewer, with shredded carrots, parsley, and a spicy dipping sauce.  I'd never had quail eggs before, and thought I'd try it.  Now I have second thoughts.  I tried one by itself and one with the sauce, and they both tasted like a hard-boiled egg with the yolk mixed with a steamed whole-belly clam.  While I like hard-boiled eggs and whole-belly clams, the hybrid is not so good.  I don't know if the eggs were "aged" like a variety of Asian egg preparations, or if quail eggs normally taste that way, but I'm going to avoid them in the future.  I left the last two alone, and my friends at the restaurant declined them, wisely.
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