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Coyoty has a Good Fry Day.

At the Town Line Diner in Rocky Hill, CT.

Good Fry Day: Fried chicken and fries
Fried chicken and fries.

Good Fry Day: Fried mushrooms and sauce
Fried mushrooms and sauce.

Kataifi (maybe)
Kataifi (maybe). A Mediterranean dessert with shredded phyllo dough, bready custard, nuts, honey syrup, and in this case, a phyllo basket. The diner staff said this was actually an Albanian dessert called "kallaktopuri", or for those who can't handle that, simply "bird's nest", but I can't find kallaktopuri mentioned anywhere. Kataifi is the closest thing I could find, so that's what I'm calling it. It's like a cross between baklava and bread pudding, and is extremely sweet. I could only eat some of it because it was so sweet.
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