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Baffled QVC Hosts Can't Quite Figure Out What The Moon Is

Baffled QVC Hosts Can't Quite Figure Out What The Moon Is

"That's no moon... It's a space station!"
"It's too big... It must be a planet. The planet Moon!"
"Uh, no, it's a space station. I can feel it."
"Are there things living on it?"
"Then it's a planet!"
"You also think a parsec is a time unit."
"Let's call them and find out..."
"::pshhhhh:: Hello, this is the Death Star... ::pshhhh::"
"It can't be a star! We know stars are suns! We're not stupid! Your feet would burn!"
"Maybe he's on the dark side."
"Suns don't have dark sides. Only moons and planets do, and if things live on it, it's a planet!"
"::pshhhhh:: This is a fully functional space station. ::pshhhh::"
"Told you."
"But if that's a space station..."
"::pshhhhh:: I'm hanging up now. ::pshhhh::"
"No, wait! Um... Do you want to buy a splotchy green blouse?"
"::pshhhhh:: Do I *look* like I want to buy one? ::pshhhh::"
"You look like you could use some color. If you buy within the next ten parsecs we can throw in..."
"::pshhhhh:: Goodbye. ::pshhhh::"
"Yes, it IS a good buy! And shipping & handling is onlyAAAAGGGKHHH" ::no carrier::
"Who was that, another planet?"
"::pshhhhh:: It's not a planet. Nothing's living on it. Now. But it did look like a pretty star for a moment. ::pshhhh::"
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