Coyoty (coyoty) wrote,

Earth Weekend

Friday morning I took the train from Seymour, CT to Grand Central Terminal to participate in Earth Day NY 2008's EarthFair on Vanderbilt Street outside.  Other members of hi_4 who participated were el_wereturkey (Damian, as Vinny the Beaver), rapidtrabbit (as a Treeture), mejeep, and Dreamwolf.  We toured the event, entertaining, getting our pictures taken, etc.  Manhattan's NY1 station showed Rapid and me on their coverage of Friday's activities.  Friday night we were joined by foxwell and had dinner at Pam's Thai Restaurant on 47th Ave.  I stayed overnight at Damian's and we continued at the EarthFair on Saturday.  Afterward, I had dinner from Jambalay Jazz's Uncle Jimmy's BBQ in Grand Central's foodcourt while waiting for my train home.

Sunday, several fursuiters and I did Earthstock 2008 in Plainville, CT.  Joining me were el_wereturkey, rapidtrabbit, wally_wabbit, freakylynx, runswithwolves9, sunookitsune, Max the Husky, and wildw0lf.  Highlights include getting suckered into a fair trade coffee presentation, and my riding around in a recumbent bicycle.  Afterward, some of us had dinner at Rosalind's Italian Restaurant in Ansonia.  When everyone else had gone home, Wally and I were joined by snowhusky01 and we had dessert at Dunkin Donuts, where I ordered a mix of French Vanilla and Blueberry coffees, which was amazingly good.

My photos of EarthFair NY are here, and my photos of Earthstock are here.  More photos from the staff of Earthstock can be found here.

My amazing coincidences for this weekend involve Snow Husky.  When we were going into Rosalind's, Snow Husky was coming out with his family, and we didn't know each other were there until then.  When he joined us afterward, he arrived at Wally's the same time we did.  When I told him I had been in NY over the weekend, he revealed that he had been also, and while I was outside Grand Central, he was only a few hundred feet away inside.  We might even have passed each other without knowing it.  Now I think I should ask him which trains he took, in case we were on the same ones.

Also, at Earthstock, I discovered my mask had lost a tooth, and I thought it was gone forever.  Lucky for me (coyote luck), I found it in my shoe and glued it back in. 

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