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It's THERE in black and white.

It's THERE in black and white.

I considered cropping it so it would just be THERE, but realized how the eyes are drawn to THERE automatically, and decided it would be more interesting to leave it THERE as it is, for better or for worse.

Coyoty eats pork with grilled cornbread.

At Seviche in Pittsburgh, PA in June.

Pork with grilled cornbread and root vegetables

Pork with grilled cornbread and root vegetables.

Conch fritters

Conch fritters.
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Man Reports Sensation In Missing Fingers Using Oculus Touch

A man who was born without the last three fingers on his right hand feels phantom sensations in the missing fingers after using the Oculus Touch hand controllers for the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, which represents a person's hands with 3D computer images.

Winston Churchill’s essay on alien life found : Nature News & Comment

Winston Churchill wrote an unpublished 11-page article 80 years ago in which he figured out much of current astrobiology.

Micandy Heart

Micandy Heart

Mikan-flavored hard candy from Japan. Mikan is a seedless Japanese citrus fruit similar to tangerines. The candy, called "micandy" in Japan, tastes very much like lemon drops.

Meltykiss green tea chocolate from Japan

Meltykiss green tea chocolate from Japan

"deep & rich green tea cube chocolate". Manufactured by Meiji. Purchased from 3shel1d on eBay.

The packaging shows the chocolates covered in a cocoa powder, but they were individually wrapped, so I guess the powder was pressed into the chocolate. They are still pretty good, like cubic bonbons or truffles. They're about the width of a thumbnail, so one can easily eat a whole box of I lost count how many. It was easy.
Cheetos EX: Extremely Hot Cheetos from Japan

They are extremely hot.

Purchased from Jappy11 on eBay.
From the Corner Cafe at Tunxis Community College in Farmington, CT.

Hot Pastrami and Cheddar with Mustard and Grilled Onions

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